Welcome at the Koggewarft, home of the Kamper Kogge.
We are foundation Kamper Kogge. We builded the reconstruction of a medieval cargoship with a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers in the years 1992-1998. After splashing even more volunteers learned to sail in the traditional way with the square sailed rig. We have volunteers from all over the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. On our warft we share the Hanseatic past of Northern Europe and house other wooden boat foundations.
On this page we give an english summary of the information of our website.
If you deside to plan a guided tour or sailing trip at Kampen, please mail us in English and send us the details of your visit.
Contact us

Mail us at reservering@kamperkogge.nl if you plan a guided tour around our shipyacht and cogship or joining us for a sailing trip on the river IJssel.
Mail us at tochten@kamperkogge.nl if you want to invite the Kamper Kogge and her crew outside of Kampen to your own town or event.

Fun facts

Did you know that the Kamper Kogge is the only reconstruction of a sailing cog ship in the Netherlands? There are a few cogs and coglike ships in Germany and which we hold dear to our hearts and meet up with regularly during a Koggendisch to share experiences and prepare our co-visits when we visit the same events.
So far, abroad we sailed the North Sea, the Channel and the Baltic Sea and have visited maritime and historic events in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands.

Building our cog took approximately 150 cubic meters oak wood and douglas fir harvested in Denmark, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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